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LIGO Website Objectives
The LIGO website and its resources can be used by students, teachers, or anyone interested in the science concepts. The main objective of the website is to provide a knowledgebase that teachers can use in conjunction with various pedagogical tools to infuse LIGO science activities and resources in instruction. The website could actually be the mechanism by which teachers are assisted in creating web-based training modules centered on the LIGO science concepts, use the multi-media rich web-based resources to promote inquiry-based learning, and/or blend web-based training modules and inquiry-based teaching to facilitate learning.

Several SUBR Departments (College of Education and Departments of Physics and Mathematics), and LaSIP/LA GEAR UP (LaS/LGU) are collaborating with LIGO Livingston and the Exploratorium to provide pre-service teacher training and in-service professional development activities to K-16 schools and communities in Louisiana and the surrounding regions.

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Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Educational Outreach Project
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The LIGO Local Educational Outreach Partnership is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Award No. PHY-0355471
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Faculty members learn to use the exhibits and make smaller versions of them called "snacks".
Course content is redesigned to include a focus on inquiry-based teaching using exhibits and "snacks".

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